February 24, 2015 Minutes

Washington County Association for Mental Health

February 24, 2015

Present: Jennifer Glenn, Ealisa Adams, Kathleen W., Alisha Ratzlaff, Sarada McGaha, Charlene J. Dodd, Jason Langham, Shanon Cox

  • Call meeting to order and introductions
  • Approval of January minutes : Jason motion to approve; Kathleen second
  • Committee Chair reports
    1. Parenting – Marilyn Powell
    2. Substance Abuse – Kerry Ickleberry
    3. Marketing – Penny Meadows
    4. Workforce Development – M’Liss Jenkins
    5. Finance – Sheri Robertson
    6. Wraparound – Kimberly Hill : Jennifer shared that the Transition program, ONITT is up and going
  • Growing the Association
    1. Website: http://wcamh.org/ : Ealisa shared what she has done on the website and Facebook. She asked if anyone had additional ideas for either. They would like training dates, sign-ups and registration payments on there. Contact information on there. A place to add or drop your name to the email list. A place to load the monthly meeting minutes.
    2. Creating a Face book: www.facebook.com/wcamh.org
  • New Business:
    1. Jason shared that we will be able to meet at the Mid-High through May, but during the summer we will need to find a new place to meet. He said he will ask Kerry Ickleberry if we can meet at Will Rogers. If we cannot, it was suggested we meet at the Bartlesville Public Library.
    2. Kathleen shared that the Hillcrest Medical Center will be closing their 40 bed inpatient facility in the near future. This will cause a hardship for our community when looking to place someone inpatient.
  • Sharon shared that Parkside is building a new facility. It should be opened in 2017. Same campus but across the parking lot.
  • Upcoming Events
    1. Wellness Fair: Ealisa and Jennifer will be attending the fair tomorrow. Kimberly Hill is getting a basket for a drawing. Jennifer Glenn is making a handout about the association to pass out. Jennifer will also get all other material ready.
    2. Sarada and Charlene shared that their committee with M’Liss met to talk about future trainings. They would like to schedule two ethics trainings. One in May and one in December. Charlene will teach the one in May and not sure about December yet. (Although Kimberly Hill usually does this.) They also know that sometime near Sept there will be the Symposium Life and Suicide Prevention trainings.
  • Motion to Adjourn: Kathleen motioned / Jason Seconded the motion
  • Next Meeting:

    March 24, 2015 at 8:30 am

    Bartlesville Mid-High School

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