July 2015 Minutes

Washington County Association for Mental Health

July 28, 2015



Present: Jennifer Glenn, Sarada McGaha, Lindsay Hammond, Shonta Crowder, Dianna Cooley, Jacqueline James, Anna Cherry, Susan Landers, Tracie Goad, Sheri Robertson, Kimberly Hill, Fay O’Neill, Janey Morain, LaLana Smith

  1. Call meeting to order and introductions – Jennifer called the meeting to order and lead introductions
  2. Approval of last month’s minutes: Sarada motioned to approved, Jacqueline seconded.
  3. Committee Chair reports:
    1. Parenting – vacant – no report at this time. The Association will continue to wait for the Community Survey results from Washington County Wellness Initiative to determine if this is a needed resource in Washington County.
    2. Substance Abuse – Kerry Ickleberry – Jennifer reported in Kerry’s absence. Jennifer announced that the Washington County Suicide Prevention Coalition is looking for help with the annual Summit. The first meeting is tonight at 6:00 at Youth and Family Services. The committee will meet weekly for an hour a week up until the Summit event.
    3. Marketing – Ealisa Adams – Jacqueline reported in Ealisa’s absence. Jacqueline reports that we doubled our Likes on Facebook. We have been doing free giveaways for liking and sharing our page. We are hoping to reach others.
    4. Workforce Development – M’Liss Jenkins – Kim reported in M’Liss’s absence.
      1. We are looking at doing an annual Supervisor Ethics Training for those who are licensing supervisors in the community. There was discussion about attendance and it was determined that this would be a good idea for Washington County.
      2. Discussed moving up the Ethics trainings so that they are not so “last minute” but late enough in the year for those “stragglers” that wait for their Ethics.
      3. We are still working on setting up trainings with Dr. Dupell and Angie Metcalf
    5. Finance – Sheri Robertson – $5454, our CD 10; Training with Dr. Caselman, and Charlene Dodd. We profited $273. Discussion of being able to take credit cards at events. 2 ways – sliders (cost $41) or we can do an authorized.net through the back. $21 per month please bank fee plus transaction fee, we also discussed PayPal. Lindsay motioned to approve, Fay seconded. Motion carried.
    6. Health Homes – Kimberly Hill and Sheri Robertson
      1. Sheri reported that DaySpring is now called Preferred Family Healthcare. They have hired a new FSP, LaLana Smith. Their referral forms are on their website.
      2. Kim reported that GLMHC continues to serve over 150 children enrolled in the Children’s Health Home. Referral forms will be sent out with the minutes. Any questions about Health Homes can be directed to Kim Hill at 918-337-8080, ext 2412 or khill@glmhc.net
      3. Kim also reported on the ONIT (Oklahoma Now is the Time) initiative. Referral forms will be sent out via email to the Association. This program assists young adults ages 16-25 with housing, employment, education, and community living. Individuals referred must be dealing with mental health or substance abuse problems or both. Any questions about Health Homes can be directed to Kim Hill at 918-337-8080, ext 2412 or khill@glmhc.net
  4. Growing the Association:
    1. Please spread the word and invite people to participate. The location does change. For the next month we will be meeting at the Will Rogers Complex. Jennifer reported that our numbers have grown but we want to continue to grow. We are unsure where the meetings will be held once the school year starts and we will keep everyone posted. If you have suggestions of meeting places please let us know.
    2. Website: http://wcamh.org/ – there has been some glitches with the website however we are working to get that worked out today.
    3. Facebook: www.facebook.com/wcamh.org – If you haven’t “Liked” us on Facebook please do so, and share with others on your Facebook
      1. Thank you to Jacqueline James for helping us promote our site. Jacqueline also suggested adding our minute links to the Facebook site.
      2. Members mentioned that the calendar events with the meeting dates, upcoming events, other meeting dates of other community teams (i.e., Suicide Prevention Coaltion, 2nd Thursday of the Month
      3. If you would like something added to the Facebook page please message the page and one of the Administrators will add it to the page.
      4. Susan suggested talking with TCTC market managing for assistance with our marketing and website.
  5. New Business:
    1. Motion to approve new members – Anna Cherry, Lindsay Hammond, LaLana Smith, Susan Landers, Janey Morain, Shonta Crowder. Sheri motioned to approved, Fay seconded. Motion carried.
    2. Discussion of the Chamber of Commerce
  6. Upcoming Events:
    1. October 17th One Heart One Community – Targeted audience is the elderly. If you would like a booth please let Anna know. Anna.cherry@jpmc.org
    2. 3rd Annual Suicide Awareness
      1. Committee meetings will begin this week.
    3. Family Life Symposium is October 8th and 9th
    4. Registration for Run the Streets is closing tomorrow. Applications can be obtained through OJAs website. The children must be at least 13 years of age.
    5. Tracie reported that the Run the Streets Junior is going well. She reports that it has been extremely fun.
  7. Task to be completed:
    1. Kim to obtain our documentation for 501c3, Sheri to set up PayPal.
    2. Jennifer will meet with the Marketing Chair to get the website updated
    3. Jennifer will confirm location for our meetings once the school year starts. Sheri also suggested the Health Department if we need an alternate location.
    4. Jennifer will register for the One Heart One Community Resource Fair.
    5. Kim will send referral forms for Health Homes and for ONIT to Jennifer to be sent out to the Association.
    6. Dianna will make contact with Cheryl to start working on Fundraising ideas. Kim will send to Dianna the previous suggestions – we need to get a committee started. Lindsay, Shonta, Janey, Jacqueline also volunteered to participate.
      1. Dianna volunteered to be the Chair of the newly formed Anna motioned to approve, Shonta seconded. Motion carried.
  8. Motion to Adjourn: Fay motioned to adjourn, Dianna seconded.At the Will Rogers Complex at 4620 E Frank Phillips Blvd
  9. Please remember to bring your Driver’s License
  10. Next Meeting: Aug. 25, 2015 at 8:30 am

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