June 2015 Minutes

Washington County Association for Mental Health

June 23, 2015



Present: Jennifer Glenn, Sarada McGaha, Jacqueline James, M’Liss Jenkins, Fay O’Neill, Brian O’Neill, Kevin Suggs, Tina Oyer, Dianna Cooley, McKenzie Henderson, Katelyn Abrams, Kimberly Hill, Kerri Cluen, Tiffany Canoy, Tracie Goad, Shanon Cox, Anna Cherry, Kerry Ickleberry

  1. Call meeting to order and introductions – Jennifer Glenn called the meeting to order and lead introductions
  2. Approval of last month’s minutes – M’Liss motion to approval, McKenzie seconded.
  3. Committee Chair reports
    1. Parenting – vacant – Kim reported no changes at this time. The Association is currently waiting on the WCWI community assessment results. M’Liss reports that preliminary results are that child abuse and neglect are at the top of the lists of needs for our community. If you haven’t already done so please complete the survey by going to www.wcwi.ok.org. On the Home page in the middle of the screen in large print it will say “Community Assessment,” click on the link and it will take you through the assessment
    2. Substance Abuse – Kerry Ickleberry – Kim reports that GLMHC is an approved site for the completion of the ODASYL. This is the assessment that must be completed in order for adults to get on rehab waitlists. Individuals who need this assessment can walk into the clinic or call and schedule appointment.   Kim also shared that Youth and Family Services provides Substance Abuse services here in Washington County.
    3. Marketing – Ealisa Adams – Jennifer presented for Ealisa today. The committee will be meeting today at noon. We are hoping to get more going on the committee.
    4. Workforce Development – M’Liss Jenkins
      1. We are scheduled to provide a training on Monday, June 29th @ Banc First. There are 6 possible CEUs available. There will be an Ethics training for professionals and Supervisor Ethics. The cost is $40 for one or $65 for both.
      2. M’Liss reported that Dr. Dupell is interested in coming and the Workforce Development committee will be working on getting this training set up.
      3. We are continuing to work with the Suicide Prevention Coalition on the Suicide Prevention Summit this year. The 3rd Annual Summit will be help on September 8th with Jack Jordon providing the profession CEUs during the day and Kevin Hines speaking that evening during the free event for the community.
    5. Finance – Sheri Robertson – tabled
    6. Health Homes – Kimberly Hill
      1. Kim shared what Health Homes is for the new individuals that were participating in the meeting today. Health Homes is a State-wide initiation focusing on taking a wholesome approach to mental health treatment. This initiative implements physical health and wellness treatment with mental health treatment. Kim shared that individuals with mental illness die 25 years sooner than the average individual. She also reported that there are 3 Health Home providers in Washington County. Those are Grand Lake Mental Health Center (GLMHC), Day Springs, and YouthCare. Kim reports that GLMHC is continuing progress with the Health Homes, currently serving approximately 150 youth in Health Homes. She also shared that per Sheri Robertson’s last report that Day Spring is serving approximately 50 youth in Health Homes. Kim reports that there has been no information provided to her in regards to YouthCare and that the Association will continue to make attempts to reach out to a YouthCare representative to be present during out meetings.
      2. Kim also reported on the Oklahoma Now Is the Time (ONIT) grant that GLMHC received earlier this year. This program targets young adults ages 16-25 to assist in four main areas – Education, Employment, Housing, and Community Living. Kim reports that we are currently serving 12 young adults and are taking referrals for this program.
  4. Nominations for Vice President of the Association
    1. Sarada McGaha volunteered to hold the position. There were no other nominations/volunteers. Tina motioned to approve, McKenzie seconded, motion carried.
  5. Growing the Association
    1. Please spread the word and invite people to participate. The location does change. For the next 2 months we will be meeting at the Will Rogers Complex
    2. Website: http://wcamh.org/ – there has been some glitches with the website however we are working to get that worked out today.
      1. Please visit the website and ask others to. When there subscribe to the newsletter. I will be using the e-mails of those who sign up for future e-mails about WCAMH.
        1. Don’t forget, once you sign up for the newsletter you have to confirm the email address from a message that is automatically sent.
        2. Jennifer will be getting a list of all of the trainings that will be offered so that this information can be included on our website.
      2. Facebook: www.facebook.com/wcamh.org – If you haven’t “Liked” us on Facebook please do so, and share with others on your Facebook
  6. New Business:
    1. Anna Cherry from JPMC presented on the Community Care and Transition Team.   She invited a representative from the Association to participate in the next meeting on the 2nd Tuesday in July. Anna reports that this Team is an independent, non-profit organization that helps individuals with the transition from the hospital into residency, whether a nursing home, Home Health, etc. She is here today to reach out to anyone in the community who may have hands-on treatment with those in the community.
    2. Tiffany Canoy presented on Priority One Community Services. She reports that they are a new agency in the community. She reports that they currently have no location but that grants are in the process to aide in a location. Tiffany reports that they have several goals with the top priorities being the development of a reintegration program for those coming out of prison or any type of institutionalization, drug and alcohol treatment, parent classes, and autism. Tiffany did report that for every adult class that they offer, a kid class will also be offered, to correspond so that child care is not a barrier.
  7. Upcoming Events
    1. Our Ethics training is still on for Monday, June 29th @ Banc First. Please complete the registration online.
    2. Tracie reminded everyone that OJA is hosting a Run the Streets Junior program which will start July 15th. She reports that this was originally only opened up to Kane students however they are going to open it up to children at Jane Phillips. Please let Tracie know if there are any current 4th and 5th graders (going into 5th and 6th grade) that may be interested in participating. This program is targeting kiddos who many not have the opportunity to participate otherwise. This will also give them the opportunity to participate in Ruth the Streets when they turn 13.
    3. Shanan reported that Parkside does have beds open.
    4. Anna announced that the Community Care and Transition Team will be sponsoring a One Heart One Community Resource fair on October 17th @ the Community Center. This resource fair was developed to ensure that our community knows what resources are out there and available. Anna reports that they are hoping to work with the WCWI to broaden the number of booths that are open.
    5. Sarada reports that YFS is working on an Emergency Solutions Grant. Part of the funding is for Homeless prevention services and for the Shelter. YFS is working collaboratively with Community Action on this grant. Sarada explained that the difference between what this grant can provide and Family Promise is that Family Promise helps families, it does not target homeless individuals. This grant will provide support for those individuals.
    6. Brian asked what the expectations were of the Phillips Employees that attend these meetings. Jennifer will add to the agenda for the next meeting to discuss how the Volunteer match works.
  8. Motion to Adjourn – Tina Oyer motioned to adjourn, McKenzie seconded.At the Will Rogers Complex at 4620 E Frank Phillips Blvd
  9. Next Meeting: July 28, 2015 at 8:30 am

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