March Minutes

Washington County Association for Mental Health
March 24, 2015

I. Call meeting to order and introductions: Jason Langham, Dianna Cooley, Tina Oyer, Sheri Robertson, McKenzie Henderson, Katelyn Abrams, Shonta Crowder, Ealisa Adams, Kathi Wilson, Jennifer Glenn

II. Approval of last month minutes : McKenzie motioned to approve the minutes, Tina seconded

III. Committee Chair reports
a. Parenting – Marilyn Powell : Kim Hill will reach out to Marilyn to see if she is still interested in being a part of the association and this committee. (Was told Marilyn may have moved)
b. Substance Abuse – Kerry Ickleberry
c. Marketing – Penny Meadows : Kim Hill will reach out to Penny to see if she is still interested in being a part of the association and this committee.
d. Workforce Development – M’Liss Jenkins :Sheri shared that the committee has met once and has been communicating via email. Sheri shared that
*Sarada is reaching out to Tonia Castelman to schedule a DSM V training in Bartlesville. Dr. Castelman said that she could do it May 7,8,21, or 22.
*M’Liss is setting up training with Dr. Patel on eating disorders.
*M’Liss is setting up training with Angie Metcalf for Therapeutic Tools
*Charlene Dodd will do Ethics training in May
We really need to get dates set in stone so we can add to the websites.
e. Finance – Sheri Robertson : Sheri shared that she wrote a check for $200 to the Oklahoma state board of SW. Kim Hill completed the application that the check was written for to be approved to provide CEUs. This is something that needs done one time yearly.
*The account gained 21 cent interest. Balance is $5,373.99
f. Wraparound – Kimberly Hill :McKenzie and Tina shared that the Transition program is up and going. They have 8 youth already enrolled. Kim Hill will be sending out an email with more information about qualifications for the program and a referral form.

IV. Growing the Association: Ealisa shared that the website is ready for individuals to add their e-mail to the e-mail list. Jennifer will send out an e-mail to make sure everyone is aware to add their e-mail, so that we can start using that data base for future e-mails. Website:
*Ealisa would like for anyone that would like to be a part of the Marketing community to e-mail her. She would like to share with others how to use the website to add information or send out e-mails.

V. New Business

VI. Upcoming Events

VII. Motion to Adjourn: Jason motioned to adjourn. Sheri seconded.

Next Meeting: April 28, 2015 at 8:30 am
Bartlesville Mid-High School

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