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Anxiety Training with Morris Salge
Open Seats 15
8:00 am
-12:00 pm

Anxiety Training with Morris Salge

Oct 25,2019 - Time: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm
Morris will bring information about the neurophysiological elements of anxiety and why helping clients understand these processes can make a significant difference in their lives. What many people experiencing serious anxiety actually fear is their own physiology and rejection by others.   The power of the amygdala to invoke profound changes in the body in less than 1 second is frightening.  The reality that the amygdala’s action is based in a memory system that is inaccessible to conscious thought produces hopelessness, prolonged searches for ‘causes,’ and many other challenges. The impact of other autonomic functions such as mirror neurons produce family system disruptions through rejection of the anxious person.  This rejection is significantly impacted by each family member’s mirror neurons.  So, the families normal neurophysiological function exacerbates anxious person’s isolation.   Come and learn about this new area science known as interpersonal neuroscience.


Jane Phillips Medical Center
3500 SE Frank Phillips Blvd
Bartlesville, 74003

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Registration $ 35.00